The Education Commonwealth Project

seeks to improve the way student learning and school quality are assessed, advancing an approach to measurement and accountability that is valid, democratic, and equitable

About ECP

The Education Commonwealth Project (ECP) works to support assessment of student learning and school progress that is valid, democratic, and equitable. Pushing back against the overreliance on standardized testing, ECP offers free and open-source resources that all schools can use. And thanks to support from the Massachusetts State Legislature, ECP offers additional support for public schools and districts in Massachusetts.

School Quality Measures

SQM honors the full range of what schools do, using data to support and sustain schools rather than to rate and rank them. Whether it means identifying new indicators for tracking progress, or visualizing data in ways that foster richer conversations, the SQM team is here to support Massachusetts districts as they work to assemble a fuller and more accurate portrait of their schools.

Quality Performance Assessment

QPA offers a clearer picture of what students know and can do, assessing learning through the use of meaningful projects designed by educators. By providing examples of high quality performance assessments, a toolkit of protocols, and guidance, the QPA team seeks to provide a model for reimagining state assessment in Massachusetts and beyond.

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